Unlock the Power of UGHUR - The Essence of LUCK!

Research Vessel, UGHUR equipped with cutting-edge technology, it is the ultimate platform for conducting hydrographic surveys with unmatched accuracy  ...

Derisk your offshore wind farm site early on

Optimise and derisk your offshore wind farm site appaisal and concept design with leading data and actionable insights.

Better data enables better decisions with Sense.Lidar®

Using cloud processes and AI, Sense.Lidar® accurately classifies clusters of lidar points which characterises the details of our earth. The enhanced d ...

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SOCAR-Fugro LLC is a joint venture between the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and Fugro. We employ, approximately 50 people, 95% of whom are Azeri nationals. Our Azeri employees hold positions at all levels of the organization from Senior Management and Technical Staff to Administration.

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Marine site characterisation

Marine site characterisation

Our data acquisition, analytics and advice help you make informed decisions, and

Land site characterisation

Land site characterisation

We acquire and interpret environmental, geotechnical and geophysical data and us

Marine asset integrity

Marine asset integrity

Our IRM, monitoring and remote systems technologies and diverse testing and engi

Land asset integrity

Land asset integrity

Our land asset integrity solutions and advice allow you to optimise new build, i


  • We provide the information and expertise to generate successful building and inf

  • We understand what drives and constrains your business. We’ll work closely with

  • Using our integrated data collection, analysis, monitoring and consultancy servi

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